New Customers

BusyCal – (US)

Purchase a new single-user or multi-user perpetual license

BusyContacts – (US)

Purchase a new single-user or multi-user perpetual license

BusyCal + BusyContacts – (US)

Purchase both programs together

License Renewals

This offer applies to existing customers. If your 18 months period of free updates has expired, you may renew your license at a discount between 20-40% off the original price (subject to current promotional offerings), in order to receive an additional 18 months of updates and improvements. Please note:

  • This is not a subscription. However, you benefit by receiving frequent improvements and bug fixes.
  • Only one serial code can be renewed at a given time.

You may renew a license up to three months before expiry. When you renew your license, the next renewal date will be 18 months from today, or your existing expiry date (whichever comes later).

IMPORTANT: Each app is to be renewed separately. Your existing registration code will be used to extend your license and allow you to receive an additional 18 months of updates. Volume discounts, where applicable, are available only within individual product renewals.

Renewals for existing BusyCal customers

Additional 18 months of updates – (US)

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Renewals for existing BusyContacts customers

Additional 18 months of updates – (US)

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Sidegrades and Upgrades for Existing Customers

The following special offers are available to existing customers that own one of our products and wish to purchase the other. This upgrade offer also applies to our BusyCal 1 and BusyCal 2 legacy users. Please provide the email address you used to purchase the app to qualify for upgrade and sidegrade pricing.

IMPORTANT: For existing customers seeking to renew their license, please refer to the 'Renewals' section above. The 'Sidegrades' option is exclusively for new customers who already possess one of our products but wish to acquire another.

BusyCal Upgrade – (US)

BusyContacts Sidegrade – (US)

Common Questions

Licensing Explained

We have an extremely flexible licensing model. To learn more about the the type of licenses we support, please click here.

Is there a Subscription fee?

No. Each purchase gives you a perpetual license. Our apps are free to download and free to try for 30 days. Once you pay for the product, you're making a one-time purchase, not a recurring one. You own the product and are entitled to 18 months of updates, after which you get to keep the last update released with an option to upgrade in order to receive an additional 18 months of updates.

How long does my license last?

You get a lifetime license that never expires. However, your license is valid for 18 months of updates from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase a license today, , you'll get regular updates to the app up to . This would include critical bug fixes, enhancements and new features - both major and minor. To receive updates after that date, you'll need to renew your license.

What if I don't renew my license?

If you don't want to renew your license after it expires, you can continue to use the last update of the app that your current license covers, for as long as you want, but you won't be able to receive any further updates. To receive updates with new features, enhancements, bug fixes etc a renewed license will be required, entitling you to another 18 months of updates.

How much will a renewal cost?

You will be entitled to a 20-40% discount when renewing an existing license (actual discount rate is subject to current promotional offerings at the time of renewal). Volume discounts automatically apply when you renew more than one license at the same time.

Registration Code

When purchasing, you will receive a registration code that converts the 30-day trial version to a registered version. If you lose it, you may look up your registration code here.

Update Email Address

If you have already made a purchase and wish to change the email address associated with your order, you may do so by clicking here.

Single vs. Multi-User License

When purchasing, you will receive a single registration code whether you purchase one license or multiple licenses.

A single-user registration code may be used by one individual on multiple Macs.

A multi-user registration code may be used on the number of Macs equal to the number of licenses purchased.

Volume Discounts

We offer volume discounts when purchasing multiple licenses:

  • 1 license = $49.99 ea.
  • 2-4 licenses = $39.99 ea. (save 20%)
  • 5-9 licenses = $34.99 ea. (save 30%)
  • 10-49 licenses = 29.99 ea. (save 40%)
  • 50-99 licenses = $24.99 ea. (save 50%)
  • 100+ licenses = $19.99 ea. (save 60%)

Discounts are applied to the sum of all products purchased. For example, purchasing BusyCal and BusyContacts together = 2 products, which will apply a 20% discount.

Email us for site-license pricing.

Educational Discounts

We offer a 20% discount to staff and students at educational institutions. Email us for educational pricing.

Refund Policy

Please download the 30-day trial and evaluate the software before purchasing it. Email us if you would like a refund.